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Reasons to Install a Pond Waterfall in Las Vegas

pond waterfall water feature las vegasWith the dry and arid climate of Las Vegas it is not surprising to find many establishments and homes with pools, ponds and pond waterfalls. Pools are often a must for homeowners who do not want to go far if they want to keep cool during the hot summer days. Ponds and pond waterfalls also serve as a focal point for backyard or front yard landscaping while serving as a heat absorber for the surrounding space.



Types of Pond Waterfalls

There are various types of pond waterfalls, although the basic design is composed of an area where the water falls down and a collecting basin underneath. Some variations cover the collecting portion with earth, pebbles and miniature landscaping to give the illusion of water falling and rising back up from ground. Traditional pond waterfalls are also popular. These can be anything from koi ponds or garden ponds attached to a waterfall and can be of any size. The larger ponds can also double as artificial habitats for small fish and animals like frogs and a variety of insects. The flowing movement of the ponds aerate the water, dispensing with the need to use aerators in the pond.

Another variation to the pond waterfall is the fountain pond, which is composed of a pond and jet that shoots water into the air at regular intervals. Instead of the flowing movement of water, the pond is aerated by the falling water as it is shot out from the jets. The movement is also accompanied by a low, shooting down followed by the soft trickling of falling water which many people find relaxing.

Benefits of Installing a Pond Waterfall in Las Vegas

A pond waterfall helps absorb the heat from the surrounding areas. With a good landscaper homeowners can have attractive and eye-catching waterfalls that can serve as the focal point of the entire yard, a place where guests can walk around and hang out. More importantly, a pond waterfall produces the naturally serene sound of falling water, reminiscent of high-end spas and the relaxing atmosphere that you feel when you walk into a space where the sounds of nature can immediately surround you. Pond waterfalls also come in different sizes and structural designs so even in homes where the yard area is limited, there is always a pond waterfall design that is suitable for that space.

Choosing a Landscaping Company for a Pond Waterfall Installation

Since pools, ponds and pond waterfalls are specialized structures, not all contracting and landscaping companies offer this service. It is important to work with a landscaping company that specializes in pond waterfalls since you are guaranteed professional results. Landscaping companies that specialize in pond waterfalls and other complicated yard installations already know what the best designs and installation methods are suited for your space so you can have your pond or pond waterfalls installed with a few problems as possible, in the shortest possible time.

Dry, arid climates are made more bearable if there is a source of cool water nearby. Whether it has a functional or purely decorative purpose, a pond waterfall can make an excellent addition to any yard.

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